Our Story


My name is Lorene, I’m a French mom of 3 and the founder of My Tutor Speaks French. I created this website to help parents, children, teachers and students to easily find French speaking tutors and tutees. When I arrived in New York city in 2013, I struggled to find a tutor for my son and found out that word of mouth was the main way to find tutors. In this city where we all have a busy schedule and everything is only a few clicks away I wanted to make life easier for each of us.

MyTutorSpeaksFrench.com is an online market place, designed for francophones and Francophiles, that connects Tutors and Students regarding all types of lessons taught in French. You will find academic tutoring for children, guitar, tennis, cooking and of course French for children and adults. Every subject is welcome as long as it is taught in French.

Fall 2016 is the grand opening of our adventure in NYC. We are dedicated to bring you a thriving experience finding the best tutors and the best opportunities!

Happy tutoring!

Lorene Hourcade


I am Emmanuelle, a French Science Teacher convinced that Education is the key of success!

I have been really enthousiastic about MyTutorSpeaksFrench.com from the 1st time I heard about it, and was delighted to meet Lorène and to start being involved in her project.

Indeed after 10 years of teaching (and training to improve my teaching skills!) in Paris, Chicago and London, and as a mother of 4, I thought it would be a wonderful idea to create in New York, a community of French tutors, French learners and French-friendly families, to connect motivated students and dedicated tutors and teachers, and  to share tools, methods and ideas related to teaching and learning in French !

Join us ! Welcome to MyTutorSpeaksFrench.com !

Emmanuelle Lacote