They talk about My Tutor Speaks French

French Morning

French Morning is the 1st Francophone webmagazine in the United States. Led by Emmanuel Saint-Martin, is has been created in 2007 by a francophone team of journalists based in New York. French Morning targets all French speakers living in the US and thoses visiting the country. The webmagazine offers special editions by city: New York, Miami, San Francisco, Texas.

Lorene, founder of MyTutorSpeaksFrench and interviewed by Vincent Geny, explains how the site works and its origin.


Kiddy Frenchy

Kiddy Frenchy is a non-profit organisation offering a creative and fun way to learn the French Language and Culture through afterschool, co-curricular programs, and shows.

Kiddy Frenchy also provides tools and workshops to educators and parents to help raise the reflection around Multiculturalism and Multilinguism.