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Frenchly, premier website for Francophiles in the US


Frenchly is the premier website for Francophiles in the US and abroad, covering news, arts, culture, style, and all things French.


Expat Value by Expat communication

Expat Value – Le Blog

For the last 15 years, Expat Communication has been commited in helping each parties involved in  international mobility with the moto “Together, we ware for expats". Expat Value’s mission is to propose new and customized solutions to help expats’ partners in their career path.


French Morning

French Morning is the 1st Francophone webmagazine in the United States. Led by Emmanuel Saint-Martin, is has been created in 2007 by a francophone team of journalists based in New York. French Morning targets all French speakers living in the US and thoses visiting the country. The webmagazine offers special editions by city: New York, Miami, San Francisco, Texas.

Lorene, founder of MyTutorSpeaksFrench and interviewed by Vincent Geny, explains how the site works and its origin.


Kiddy Frenchy

Kiddy Frenchy is a non-profit organisation offering a creative and fun way to learn the French Language and Culture through afterschool, co-curricular programs, and shows.

Kiddy Frenchy also provides tools and workshops to educators and parents to help raise the reflection around Multiculturalism and Multilinguism.