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Mehdya F.

Experienced French tutor - Children & Adults - Makes every lesson FUN using IPA (not the beer but International Phonetic Alphabet), acting tools and material that interests YOU.

French: Children, Beginner Adult, Intermediary Adult, Advanced Adult

French conversation: Beginner Adult, Intermediary Adult, Advanced Adult, Children


I have been giving French lessons for 3 years and each experience with my students was great and I enjoyed seeing them improving so fast!
I started working in a French daycare with 3 and 5 years old teaching acting games in French.
I give one on one French lessons to adults of every level. I teach French using creativity, IPA while having fun and being sensitive to my client's need. I read "Le Petit Prince" with one of my students, use the phonetic alphabet and open them to sound awareness to make their pronunciation better, think about it, the way you place your tongue and form your lips shape changes from one language to another, and it's super fun to get aware of it and try it! With an other student who loves cooking, I often bring french recipes we work on and this leads us to a conversation about food and different cultures. My base is "Grammaire Progressive du Francais" a great book that we go through to learn the basics of the language and practice with exercises. I will speak to you in French and listen to your needs. Progress is key and I already see it with my students, that is what keeps me going on!

Tutoring Style

I tutor kids starting 5 years old to adults. For now, I work with beginners to intermediate. All levels are welcome!


I am a French tutor, an acting teacher assistant ( HB Studio ) and an actress based in New York. I have studied and lived 6 years in Paris where I graduated from L'Ecole du Jeu in Theater studies. I love literature and theater and I would love to know more about what you like so we can use it in our lessons!


In Person $60 / Hour

1st hour free

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Semi private or collective lesson

Education Background

Bachelor Ecole Du Jeu - 2012 - France, Paris