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Latin, Greek, Philosophy lessons for all levels

Greek: Middle School, High School, College

Latin: Middle School, High School, College

Philosophy: High School, College, Middle School


I am a Ph.D in Philosophy and Classics from the University of Heidelberg (with research stays at the École Normale Supérieure in Paris and in Italy at the University of Bologna) who has lived most of his adult life in Germany and France. I have about fifteen years' experience teaching Greek, Latin, German, French, and Philosophy in schools, at university, and in a private tutoring setting, so my experience includes teaching both children and adults. Having taught in the U.S., France, Germany, and Namibia, I also have plenty of experience with students of different cultural and social backgrounds.

Tutoring Style

I am quite stringent, for the sake of the student, and I assign a fair amount of homework in order to allow him or her to progress quickly. For the first lesson I speak more conversationally with the student and ask a series of questions in order to assess the level, and the instruction will then be geared toward lifting the student above this level as quickly as possible. I believe that what may appear to be even the dullest subject can be rendered inspiring and interesting if the teacher successfully makes the student understand the logic behind the material.


2011, Ph.D., University of Heidelberg: Philosophy, Classics
2008, M.A., University of Heidelberg: Classics
2003, B.A., City University of New York: German, French, Classics


In Person $90 / Hour

Online $0 / Hour

Education Background

PhD University of Heidelberg - 2011 - Germany
Master University of Heidelberg - 2008 - Germany
Bachelor Queens College, CUNY - 2003 - USA, N.Y.