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Phil J.

Anyone could draw and enjoy it ! Laureate, as graphic designer, of the Rome Prize, Villa Medicis. Académie de France in Rome.

Drawing: Beginner Adult, Intermediary Adult, Advanced Adult


Teacher in France for 4 years (graphic design).
I also used to teach drawing for adults.

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Learn how to draw?
It is quite annoying to find that endures the intellectual fraud of making believe that good design is a drawing necessarily the most realistic possible. All art history contradicts this sweeping statement, simplistic and stupid.
This completely subverts the very nature of the artistic quest and causes discouragement because not content to assert that there is only one way, these false courses in drawing up the bar. There is no alternative for someone who does not manage to do like and this is inevitably frustrating in the short and medium term. The irony is that even for those who showed endurance by following wisely, step by step, the bad advice given to it, no satisfactory result is not actually guaranteed.
The important thing is not to make a technical achievement but to draw as honestly as possible and with a talent that attendance will be revealed.
Impress friends by putting them under the nose flattering the result of a combination of academic knowledge, is this really what we can expect from an artistic activity?
"I can not draw" is a phrase often uttered unfortunately is based on the inability to make a realistic drawing while the so-called talent has nothing to do with this challenge.
Creation is a personal adventure that is worth to be lived freely.


ESAG (Ecole Supérieure d’Arts Graphiques) graduate. Penninghen - Paris.


In Person $50 / Hour

Online $50 / Hour

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bac+4 ESAG (Ecole Supérieure d’Arts Graphiques) graduate. Penninghen - Paris. - 1984 - France

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