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Huguette L.

Healthy Nutritional Workshops with Huguette.

Nutrition: Beginner Adult, Intermediary Adult, Advanced Adult


I provide nutritional advice tailored to individual needs and based on a wide variety of nutrient-rich food. I also offer small and convivial healthy workshops where I tell you all about the fundamentals of food and healthy eating habits.

Tutoring Style

Small workshops in a convivial setting, up to 6 people. Individual nutritional consultations.


Advanced diploma in Nutrition from Sydney in Australia.


In Person $150 / Hour

Also Available

Special workshop

Education Background

Diploma Nature Care college - 2013 - Australia

Rate specification & Cancellation policy

$150 for a 90 minute workshop for up to 6 people - Individual consultation is $165 (90 minutes). Cancellation policy: All consultations must be cancelled 24 hours in advance to the time of the appointment.