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Flore P.

Certified, skilled and experienced French teacher - adapts to the student's level and needs

French: Children, Beginner Adult, Intermediary Adult, Advanced Adult

French conversation: Beginner Adult, Intermediary Adult, Advanced Adult, Children

French for business: Beginner Adult, Intermediary Adult, Advanced Adult


I am a certified French teacher as I have a master's degree in French as a Second Language from the Sorbonne Nouvelle university.
I also have a master's degree in translation from French to English and French to Spanish from the ISIT school in Paris.
I have given many private French classes for the past 8 years and I have also been teaching French at universities and alliances françaises for 5 years in several countries, to students with different needs, ages and levels.
The classes I have given were mostly to native English speakers (in the Philippines, in Australia and in Portland, OR), which makes it easier for me to understand their struggles in French learning and "plan ahead" their potential difficulties.
I am currently teaching French to very young children - under 5 years old- at a bookstore, through stories, activities and songs, while studying for a master's degree on line in children's literature.

Tutoring Style

I always try to make the class fun and creative though well structured, and I encourage the students to express themselves by making them feel comfortable.
I do my best to adapt to the students' needs and objectives. For example, if I see that a student can understand and speak French very easily but struggles with grammar when they express themselves, I will tend to target the class to these problematic grammatical points, explaining these first and then guide the student through different exercises and creative/ authentic/ role playing activities.
I also include some culture in my classes and activities, such as French literature, geography, songs, etc., as learning a language goes beyond learning grammar and words.
This is this creative and adapting method that makes this job so enjoyable to me, as well as seeing the involvement and the improvement of my students, of course!


In Person $70 / Hour

Online $60 / Hour

Also Available

Semi private or collective lesson

Special workshop

Education Background

Master Sorbonne nouvelle - Paris 3 - 2013 - France
Master Université d'Artois - 2018 - France
Master ISIT (Institut de management et de communication interculturels) - 2011 - France
Bachelor UCO Angers (Université catholique d'Angers) - 2009 - France

Rate specification & Cancellation policy

cancellation policy : at least 3 hours before the class.
Prices are just for information but can change according to the type of classes.