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Catherine C.

French Speech & Language Pathologist - French Reading & Writing Specialist - Your orthophoniste in NY and online.

Speech & language therapy: Children

Reading & writing: Elementary School, Middle School

French oral enforcement: Pre-School, Elementary School, Middle School


30 years of practice in a bilingual environment, both in-school and private practice. Practice conducted in French Language.

Tutoring Style

I insist on a playful approach, my mantra and label: les Aimer, les Aider, leur Apprendre en s’Amusant . I wish the family to be on board. I offer child AND family coaching around speech and language delays and difficulties with reading and writing (such as learning disabilities like dyslexia). I will be happy to help you and offer you my expertise. Warmly, Catherine.


I am a certified "orthophoniste" from both the Medical Universities of Brussel and Besançon (France). I mainly work with PreK to 5th grade children. I have been a New Yorker for years. I am therefore very familiar with the NYC French-English bilingual schools and the American school system. I created my own personal approach to "orthophonie", called "Aider à Dire, Aimer à Dire". I offer evaluations, individual child sessions, members portals to guide the families with an array of tools chosen specifically for their child's needs. I also provide my own copyrighted material. I have a solid knowledge of my practice in a bilingual environment. I speak 3 languages fluently which allows me to work understanding my young patients eventual translanguage and code switching. This is a precious skill to evaluate bilingual children’s language and find appropriate solutions to cater to their specific needs.


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Education Background

Master Ecole d'Orthophonie, Universités de Médecine de Bruxelles et de Besançon - 1983 - Belgium & France

Rate specification & Cancellation policy

I work by "sessions packages", as I consider that a minimum of time and exposure is required to appreciate the improvement of the child in my care.