Tips for hiring a tutor

Dear Student, keep in mind that when you hire a tutor, you are hiring an independent contractor. You are responsible for researching and verifying your tutor.

Because we would like you to have a safe and enjoyable tutoring experience here are our tips to help you.

References and experience

Ask for and check references, making sure the tutor is academically qualified. To help you, we ask our tutors to send a proof of their certification. Once we validate it you can see a “Checked certification” or “Checked Studentship” label on the tutor’s profile. Check that the tutor has the appropriate character to work with you or your children and carry a great record track. Consult the Tutoring Style and the Review sections on the tutor’s profile to see tutoring ratings (1 to 5 stars) and read past student reviews. You are also free to request outside references from the tutor.

Availability and flexibility

The tutor’s availability is an important consideration. Sessions that are too late at night or scheduled on hectic days may not be as effective. Some flexibility might also be helpful and appreciated, so talk about it ahead.

Personal connection

No matter how good or qualified a tutor is, if you or your children aren’t comfortable with the person, the tutoring won’t be as effective as you would like. Take time for an in-depth interview with a prospective tutor. After the first few sessions, check how the learning process is progressing. If you don’t see the results you want, consider finding a different tutor.

Safety first

Before hiring a tutor, make sure he or she passed a background screening. Learn more about background screening. Always arrange for an adult to be present for tutoring sessions if the student is under the age of eighteen.

Mind your personal information

We designed our internal messaging system so you can safely and privately communicate with our tutors. You can exchange personal contact information once you are completely comfortable.