In-person or Online

Benefits of

In-Person tutoring

Benefits of
On line tutoring

  • Convenient

    Choose the most convenient place for you to have a lesson, save some time.

  • Familiar environment for children

    Young children usually feel more comfortable at home in their own environment.

  • Physical presence

    Some subjects just have to be taught in-person like tennis or cooking.

  • Semi-private lessons

    Set up semi-private lessons to see your students benefit from the stimulation brought by the interaction with other students.

  • Flexible schedules

    Cut off the commute and plan your lessons according to your schedule.

  • More options

    Receive more lessons requests since your students can be located anywhere.

  • Attractive prices

    On line tutoring is typically proposed at a lower price than in-person lessons therefore they are very attractive for students.

  • Empowering techniques

    Get ready for tomorrow and improve your digital skills: online networking, communication tools and research skills.