Tips to succeed as a tutor

Craft your profile

Improve your rank

Use the dashboard

1- Tailor your profile

Families are looking for the best tutors, so just let them know how awesome you are. Show them your skills and talents by completing your profile with care.

Upload a nice picture

Tutors with a profile photo get more jobs

Your profile photo will be the first impression that a family or a student will have from you, so… it better looks good!

  • Just be natural and smiling
  • Upload a good resolution photo
  • Nobody wants to hire a logo or an image.


Give details about your style and experience

Students often look at multiple tutor profiles, so shape yours!

Complete every section of your profile

  • Ad headline
  • Experience
  • Tutoring Style
  • Resume
  • Education

Check your work & be thorough!

  •  Even if English may not be your first language, try your best to avoid spelling and grammar mistakes.
  • To be effective (yet concise) aim for 200-500 words.
Complete profile

Order a background screening

It’s just about giving parents confidence

Security is one the top concerns parents have when choosing a tutor, especially when they look for in-home tutoring.

To give them confidence, we require that every tutor willing to teach to children under 18 years, pass a background screening with our partner HireRigth. Learn more about Background Screening.

We propose 2 packages:

Basic Background Screening (level 1): 20$

  • SSN Validation
  • National Sex Offender search
  • Widescreen Plus National Criminal Search

Enhanced Background Screening (level 2): 30$ + court fee surcharge*

  • All of the above
  • County Criminal / Felony and Misdemeanor

* Court fee surcharges range from 2$ to approx. 69$ depending on the county. Please note that New York counties fees are up to 69$.

Order now

2- Improve your rank

Just like with google, tutors appearing in the first page of the search results have 75% more chance to be contacted by students. Here are some tips to appear among the first.

Get students reviews

Students positive feedback are your best marketing tools

Tutors with written student feedback receive ten times more student contacts.
There are 2 types of student feedback:

  1. Written reviews: provide insights of real experience that others can appreciate. Direct recommendations are made here.
  2. Lesson ratings: students evaluate tutors with 1-5 star rating regarding: Tutoring style, Achievement and Punctuality.

Be reactive

The most successful tutors respond in less than 6 hours

We all appreciate a quick answer and many solicitations from students are time sensitive.

Your average reply time is displayed on your profile so students can select from the most responsive tutors.

So check your emails regularly and quickly send your best answer.

Monitor activities through your dashboard

Use the dashboard to manage all import things about your profile and incoming emails

Your dashboard we give you all important information at a glimpse

  • Your incoming emails
  • Important statistics such as
    • How many times your profile has been viewed
    • How many students tagged you as favorite
    • Your number of reviews
    • Your average response time

3- Be That Beloved Tutor

To enjoy a long-term success on MyTutorSpeaksFrench here are little things you can do to so that students will love to work with you again.

Treat them well

Satisfied students are your best advertising

Treat your students well and they will be more than happy to write you awesome reviews and be you best advocate.

Treat them like you want to be treated:

  • Be quick to get back to them
  • Offer flexibility and courtesy when arranging hours, locations or prices
  • Be punctual and prepared
  • Take care of your look

Send detailed lesson reviews

Lesson reviews are simply a must do

Sending detailed lesson reviews is really important to keep students and parents involved and committed.

It will help you and the student to keep track of progress, assignments and next steps. It will value your educational role to the parents who sometimes receive very few feedback from their children.

 It can be a simple email or your own detailed assessment chart. Lesson review sent after each session are the most appreciated but just define the frequency with the student or parents.

 Make sure you include:

  • What has been covered during the lesson
  • Your appreciation about the student work and commitment
  • What are the next steps for the upcoming lessons

In the US, this practice is very common so most of the students and especially the parents are expecting lesson reviews.

Practice your English

English is not your mother tong, it’s ok. But make a little effort!

You feel that your English is weak? Students and parents are hiring you for your French skills so they will most likely forgive you for your English.

However don’t be shy and dare writing lesson reviews!