Rating rules

We intended to make the rating of Tutors a valuable resource for both students and tutors.

Rating is a great way to:

  • Thank Tutors for the excellent job they have done
  • Let other know why having lessons with this Tutor was very valuable for you and what you achieved with him or her
  • Let us know that you’ve found a great tutor or if you’ve faced any issue

If you bump into a difficult situation with your tutor or you are unsatisfied with their services, please don’t wait until rating time and contact us right away so we can help. We can’t fix everything but we’ll always try our best to help with the situation you’re having.

How to rate your experience:


Could be better



Be fair and authentic!

Provide us with an insight into what was your experience


Tutoring style

Was the tutor understandable, could the tutor explain things well and break things into simple concepts?

Did you appreciate his/her material and the contents of the sessions?



Did the tutor care about your success, did the tutor have a supportive attitude?

Are you happy with the results, would you recommend this service?


Did the tutor show up on time or within a reasonable amount of time, did the tutor call if late?

Because we care, we will remove reviews that:

  • are vulgar or profane
  • are sexual in nature
  • have to do with personal appearance
  • have to do with physical disabilities
  • refer to mental/alcohol/drug use
  • refer to problems with the law
  • refer to race, religion, ethnic background, sexual orientation, age
  • quote personal details (names, phones, emails)
  • refer to the tutor’s private life